Welcome to my Email Excursion

Welcome to the listing of the emails I have received over the years (that were worth keeping).

UPDATE: As you can see if you have ever been here before, this portal is now quite different. I have decided to port my email portal over to WordPress, the same blogging software I used to create my Photo Gallery Portal. I liked it so much, and because it is very SEO’ed, that I decided to migrate this portal to it as well. For expediency, I have left the color scheme that came with this theme, but will be changing it over to my customary purple and gold soon. Anyway, continue on as normal…..

I have always been a pack rat but also a very organized person. Therefore, since I never throw anything away, even email, it seemed reasonable that I provide a nice interface so I can view my favorite emails at any time. And so can you.

I should also state that I am a very anal-retentive person and I receive a lot of emails in UGLY format. I also use this interface to clean up the presentation of those emails. (I can, you can’t…ha!)

So if you would like to poke around at the emails that I consider keep-worthy, you are more than welcome. Hope you have a good laugh and enjoy….

Lastly, I am always looking for comments and suggestions. If you would like to make a friendly, constructive comment, please send an email to garfield at paragonis dot com.

Now to get started, click a category to the left. Then select an entry in the list that appears. This screen will be replaced by the list of emails in that category. Click one of the email titles for the email you wish to view. If you want to return to this page, simply click the “Welcome Tto my Email Excursion” link at the top of the page below the “Home” icon.

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Now for a disclaimer just in case anyone is interested…

I do not claim that any of the data in these e-mails is factual. They are here for your enjoyment.

Also, please do not take offense to anything in this site. I try to sensor the entries as best as I can but sometimes I can be insensitive to certain things, not intentionally though. I can laugh at myself and I hope you will also be able to do likewise. As I stated before, they are here for your enjoyment. If you don’t like them, you are wished well to be on your way to a different web site.